Flying Home for Christmas

I’m typing this from Athens International Airport, anxiously waiting for my flight to Amsterdam. Apparently it’s kinda windy in the Netherlands, because my flight just got delayed by an hour.

No need sweating it now, it’s quite literally out of my control. So I ordered a beer, put on Blank Panther and that takes us to right here, right now: A little table, a comfortable (!) chair and hours of time before my holiday officially begins.


I’ve been missing home like crazy lately, especially with the holidays coming up. So when my work made me take all the vacation days I had left, I decided to spend them wisely. Lo and behold, me sitting at the airport, waiting for a late plane.

I can’t wait to be home.


And although I won’t be literally flying home for  c h r i s t m a s , this is my little holiday break. I’ll see my parents later today. You know how happy it makes me to write that sentence? It’s awesome. I’ll see my parents later today. My family. My blood.


It helps that everything is already so Christmas-y here. There’s lights and pine tree branches and bright red bows and golden shiny baubles. There’s hot choco and red velvet cake and everyone is smiling. God I love the holidays!


What are your plans for the h o l i d a y  s e a s o n ?


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