The Aegean Sea

There are love songs written about the beauty of this place. The pride and joy of the Greek nation, the Aegean Sea, is a muse, a force of nature, a heartbeat. The moment I first saw her, in Kos last year, I fell in love. And even in this huge city, with it’s high rise buildings and smog, this sea is the bluest, prettiest and most wonderful thing I have ever seen.


So I though I’d share the love and show you guys a few pictures. Think “blue as the sky” but actually literally as blue as the sky. On bright days you will not be able to pick out a horizon. The water just flows into the air naturally – and it’s magical.

Now imagine yourself living in this city, going to the beach every Saturday, enjoying an endless summer. Cocktail in your hand, your eyes gazing over this beautiful sea, trying to make out a horizon… That doesn’t sound so bad, does it?

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