Athens Favorites of 2018

Having been here for almost a year already, I actually haven’t seen nearly as much from this city as I would have liked. Nevertheless, there are some good spots I have discovered that I’d like to show with you!

Starting off with the nicest beach bar I stumbled across. And trust me – many were tried. This one is so aptly called Bikini Beach and is located not that far from the city centre. There’s awesome music, good drinks & enough place to sit, lay down and relax. The beach itself is free of charge and you can get a bed for only 2,50.

It’s this lovely combination of loud music (dancing in the water anyone?!), awesome company, sun, sea & a cocktail or two that made the most wonderful days I’ve had here.

Looking for a view for a kill? Try Athens Style. It’s one of the rooftop bars in downtown Monastiraki, but instead of the tourist traps like 360, this one actually always has place. It’s located at the top floor of a youth hostel, which means that all the people there are young & looking to connect. A perfect place for a cup of coffee, glass of wine or fancy cocktail. If you go there with a group of friends and order a bottle of wine (which is actually very cheap there..) they’ll even let you sit at the special VIP section of the rooftop. Think: view of the acropolis in a young & creative atmosphere. Love it here!

Wanna go out in Athens? In summertime, definetly try Bolivar, a huge beach bar which throws the best parties. I am also in love with Dirty Blonde and Omikron 2, which are closer to the city centre and more like actual clubs. All of them have nice music, a good dance floor and a lovely atmosphere.

For food, you actually have to try really hard to go wrong in this city. I love myself some Souvlaki and when I order in, I always order from Kalamaki Biftekaki. Home Burgers has the best burgers in town. You have to try the Pepper Spicy One. I have forced friends to eat this and they haven’t ordered anything else ever since, haha!

Sushi from Koi is the best and cheapest I’ve tried. And Toniz Plays has the best sandwiches. For coffee again you can’t really go wrong. But when you do order one, try an iced one. I love myself a Freddo Espresso Metrio, which translates to a iced espresso with medium sugar. Nom!

And then there is North Cafe. Located in Kallithea, this cafe has been my favorite since day one. I used to live right next door to it, but since I’ve moved house about three, four times since I’ve been here, it’s not around the corner anymore. Nevertheless, I do love this place. They have a wonderful mixologist who makes the. best. cocktails. Period.

Giannis makes whatever you want him to, with or without recipe. I am a huge fan of his use of tobasco in cocktails. But I made him make me a Pina Colada once and ever since I am not allowed to enter North anymore…

But seriously. The staff, the actual beauty of this place (they have a rooftop and downstairs area), the good food, the perfect drinks… Yup, cannot make a favorites list without mentioning North Cafe.

Oh yeah, you might want to visit actual *cultural* things as well, like the Acropolis and the gorgeous neighbourhood Plaka, but you know… Sun, sea, drinks & good food is all this girl needs.

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