Endless Summer

I learned to love the summer these past months in Greece. But I’ve always been a child of Winter.  Give me a chilly breeze, sweaters, hot choco and rainy Sundays and I’ll be the happiest girl on earth. So when the skies turned gray in late September I couldn’t help but smile.

It’s been almost nine months since I left everything behind and boarded a flight to Athens. What pursued was an endless summer of adventures, new friends and limitless possibilities. Yet I can still remember the first time I saw this city. From high above, miles and miles up in the sky, the city’s lights pulsating beneath me. She was breathing, this old town, with her streets like veins and her lights like heartbeats.

Alas, it seems summers don’t last forever in Greece


At the time I could not have known how much this city would change me. Perhaps change isn’t even the right word. I guess here, I finally allowed myself to be me. Completely, unapologetically me. Without the constraints of familiarity, expectations and social constructs.

In Athens, I feel free. And I celebrated that freedom drinking cocktails on the beach, dancing with the best of people, and partying on the roof of the world. Sunshine, dresses and nothing but time. A carefree summer.

Now I find myself writing these words by candlelight, wrapped up in a warm blanket, while me and my roommate wait out the storm that’s raging outside. Alas, it seems summers don’t last forever in Greece.

Yet, here in Athens, surrounded by good friends and the spirit of this city, summer is endless in my mind.



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